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Claims Center Delay and Frustration
May 1, 2014

Hammond, LA--While originally designed to be a claimant-friendly process, the claims review procedure quickly has become a gauntlet that only the most detailed and patient firms can successfully navigate. Documentation and clarification requests have escalated as BP systematically appeals nearly every significant award to cause delay.

BP has further complicated the process by appealing the certification of its own Settlement Agreement all the way up to the US Supreme Court. BP also has appealed the damages formulas it agreed to in the Settlement Agreement and has unsuccessfully filed to have Claims Administrator Patrick Juneau removed.

While unsuccessful in removing the Claims Administrator and class certification, BP has prevailed in changing the damage formulas, further complicating and delaying the claims review process for hundreds of thousands of injured class members. Many previously eligible class members no longer meet the new requirements created by BP’s challenge.

Shelby Roden has adjusted, responding to thousands of accounting inquiries and requests from the Settlement Program. Shelby Roden has successfully processed hundreds of claim reviews that feel more like tax audits. The firm has handled over 135 appeals directly against BP, prevailing in over 95% of those claims.