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Outside Direct Litigation with BP
April 1, 2016

New Orleans, LA -- The Settlement Agreement between BP and class members expressly excludes certain businesses and individuals from participation in the Settlement Program including those considered to be in the banking, oil and gas, insurance, gaming, defense contracting, and real estate developing industries. Individuals and businesses also have the opportunity to opt out of the Settlement Agreement and pursue their case directly with BP through litigation.

Shelby Roden represents dozens of individuals and businesses that were either excluded from or opted out of the Settlement Agreement. Shelby Roden has filed lawsuits in the Eastern District Court of Louisiana for several dozen regional banks in excess of $500 million. Shelby Roden also has filed lawsuits for nearly several dozen individuals and businesses totaling over $100 million in damages. The firm has successfully resolved all cases for their clients, avoiding more costly litigation and making their clients as whole as possible following the environmental disaster.