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Spring 2018 Newsletter
March 20, 2018

In this edition of our newsletter, we provide an update on the BP / Halliburton Settlements. BP continues to delay payment of claims by appealing nearly every determination made by the Claims Administrator. We believe a recent court maneuver may prevent further stalling by BP. As far as Halliburton is concerned, we expect our clients to have a claim determination by Fall 2018.

Also, the firm introduces Matt Roden to the firm. Matt is the son of co-founder Robert Roden. He brings experience helping businesses plan and execute exit, succession and growth strategies. We believe we will be able to increase our client service with Matt on board.

Finally, the firm is proud to announce that the Alabama Civil Justice Foundation, a nonprofit, IOLTA program, reached a historic milestone. The foundation has donated $10 million in grants throughout Alabama since its first grant in 1993.

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