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BP Oil Spill

The attorneys of Shelby Roden LLC have been advocating for those harmed by the BP Oil Spill from the very beginning, continuing the firm’s long history of representing those harmed by environmental disasters.

The attorneys of Shelby Roden LLC have over 30 years of experience in representing individuals harmed by defective products and toxic chemicals. Let Shelby Roden LLC put its expertise to work for you. Our attorneys are currently helping property and business owners operating in Alabama, Florida, Mississippi and Louisiana fully document their losses and file claims for lost business income and any other damage resulting from the BP Oil Spill.

Both individuals and businesses in the Gulf States have been damaged by the oil spill. At this time, the BP Settlement Claims Process includes the following:

  • Lost Business Income for Eligible Businesses Throughout Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and parts of Florida, regardless of connection to the BP Oil Spill
  • Loss of Use and Enjoyment for Coastal Properties

All claims must be substantiated with the appropriate supporting documentation, which will vary by the type of claim. Documentation may include tax records, trip tickets, wage statements, deposit slips, boat registrations and property appraisals.

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