Business Planning

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Family-owned businesses face a number of challenges and issues when attempting to grow or exit their business. There may be tax, legal, capital, or other constraints that prohibit a business owner from making strategic maneuvers. Implementation of a strategically crafted plan to carry out a business owner’s goals is vital to success.

The process of selling, making a generation transfer, or other full or partial exits will present difficulties to the unwary business owner. There are a number of different transaction options for exiting a business, which may be attractive depending on the owner’s wants and needs. In addition, the owner must make decisions on timing, value, and potential buyers/investors. Even in situations where the desire to exit is not imminent, it is important for business owners to lay the groundwork for a future exit. A professional can help you understand your options and, also, create a customized process to transition all or part of the ownership of your business smoothly.

At Shelby Roden, we not only help owners exit their business, but we also help them reach their growth objectives. We can provide guidance in assessing strategic growth options, accessing growth capital, forming new enterprises, and fulfilling other growth needs.

Our attorneys typically work with other professional advisors, such as accountants, valuation experts, other lawyers, and financial planners, to craft a plan tailored to your specific needs.

Feel free to contact us for a free consultation about your options to grow or exit your business. We provide excellent, customized, and cost-effective solutions to meet your business goals.