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In the past decade, Shelby Roden LLC recovered over $1 billion dollars in damages for its clients, handling cases involving environmental injuries to health and property, products liability, catastrophic injuries and wrongful death, and whistleblower cases.

Shelby Roden attorneys have held leadership roles in complex, multi-district litigation around the country, as well as handling a number of cases involving widespread environmental contamination.

From the beginning, Shelby Roden has been actively involved in the BP Oil Spill litigation and claims settlement process. Our firm has put together a team of attorneys and accounting experts who are equipped to handle our client’s claims quickly and thoroughly. As an appointed member of the BP Plaintiff’s Economic Damages Committee, Robert Roden is in a unique position to advocate for those harmed by the BP Oil Spill. Our BP Team has filed approximately $200 Million in claims to date.

The firm’s previous experience with complex environmental and chemical exposure cases includes:

  • PCB contamination settlement in excess of $700 million.
  • Asbestos verdicts and settlements in excess of $500 million.
  • The first jury verdict in the nation against an ephedra manufacturer in excess of $4 million.
  • Leadership roles in muti-district litigation that recovered millions for plaintiffs around the country.
  • Mass chemical exposure case for residents of Lake Charles, Louisiana as a result of exposure to sulfur dioxide.
  • Class action suit against McWane Cast Iron Pipe Co. for its pollution of the Village Creek Watershed and adjacent properties in Birmingham, Alabama.
  • Mass injury matter in Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana as a result of e-coli contamination of drinking water.