Pharmaceutical Litigation

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Pharmaceutical litigation is intended to hold parties that sell or distribute prescription drugs, over-the-counter medications, medical devices and other similar products accountable for injuries and death caused by these products.

Pharmaceuticals can seriously injure or kill people when manufacturers, distributors, or retailers fail to warn consumers of potential side effects, the drug is defective in nature, or the drug did not function properly. When such accidents or injuries occur, the individuals and their loved ones harmed by the drugs can recover for their damages.

The attorneys at Shelby Roden have a history of helping individuals harmed by dangerous or defective pharmaceuticals. In the 2000s, our firm prosecuted a number of cases against Ephedra manufacturers, distributors and retailers. Ephedra was a popular weight loss supplement that caused strokes and heart attacks. The firm’s own Robert Roden landed the first jury verdict in the nation against an Ephedra manufacture, which was in excess of $4 million.

Today, we continue to investigate claims against those responsible for circulating dangerous or defective pharmaceuticals to consumers. If you feel that you have been impacted by such products, please feel free to contact us today to speak to one of our attorneys.