U.S. District Court Rejects Bayer’s Proposed Settlement for Future Roundup Claims

SAN FRANCISCO – In early June, federal Judge Chhabria rejected Bayer’s proposed $2 billion settlement proposal for future potential claims in the Roundup weedkiller litigation.

This proposal was Bayer’s second proposal to resolve potential future claims of Roundup users who have not yet become sick.  In Judge Chhabria’s order, he concluded that the proposal benefitted Bayer more than the injured users, noting that the offer contained “glaring flaws” in an attempt to force Roundup users with future claims to give up their legal rights without providing them with adequate benefits.

After this rejection, Bayer is planning to abandon their efforts for a court-approved solution for future potential claims all together. Instead, they are going to pursue several alternatives, including creating a new website to show information regarding Roundup’s safety. Bayer stated they are going to “rethink” selling the glyphosate-based product, but they have no plans to stop production and distribution. Bayer is currently facing roughly 29,000 lawsuits.