About Us

Firm History

We have proudly been serving individuals, families and businesses throughout the nation for over 40 years! Though our focus has changed throughout the years, one thing has not. We always strive to maintain focus and become the go-to law firm for certain case types. Today, that’s motor vehicle injury and asbestos exposure cases.

Frequently-Asked Questions

We have found many individuals have the same questions about their injury cases and lawyer. Check out our videos where we attempt to shed some light those frequently asked questions! We answer questions like “Why do I need a lawyer?,” “What makes your firm different?,” “How do you take care of your clients?” and much more.


We have recovered $2+ billion for our clients since our inception 40 years ago. The results from past cases are never an indicator of future results. Each case is different. We strive to reach fair and honest resolutions for our clients in an efficient manner. We have included some of our results over the years as an indication of our dedication to that goal.