Practice Areas

Motorcycle Accidents

There is not much like riding a motorcycle – whether you ride for a thrill, to release stress or otherwise. However, motorcycle riders face many risks on the road. When an accident occurs, you want a lawyer who is a fellow rider.

Toxic Torts

A focus of our firm is helping clients that have been negatively affected by toxic chemicals or materials. Serious injury to individuals or property as a result of such chemicals can be due to any dosage level, length of time or number of occurrences.

Product Liability

We have a history of protecting consumers against the harm posed by dangerous and defective products with experience handling a number of types of such claims, whether these products have caused injuries in the home or the workplace.

Commercial Litigation

Our firm represents businesses and individuals in commercial disputes. If your dispute is heading towards litigation, our attorneys will aid in executing an aggressive legal strategy to maximize recovery quickly and find a resolution to minimize disruption.


Antitrust law protects our free enterprise system from the ills of monopolies, whether those ills come from a single actor or multiple actors conspiring together. We represent those negatively impacted by anti-competitive activity.