$8+ Million in Recovery for Motorcycle Crash Victims

Since 2019, we have focused on helping individuals injured as a result of a motorcycle crash. We have represented and continue to represent motorcycle crash victims across Alabama and the Florida Panhandle.

Our firm has handled hundreds of motorcycle crash cases. Some of our recent results from some of our severely injured clients are below. Please note that every case is different and past results are never a guarantee of future results.

$575,000Motorcycle Crash with Severe Traumatic Brain Injury (2019)
$400,000Motorcycle Crash Involving Drunk Driver (2019)
$385,000Motorcycle Crash Crash with Shoulder and Ankle Injuries (2019)
$350,000Motorcycle Crash with Multiple Fracture Injuries (2020)
$300,000Motorcycle Crash with Multiple Fracture Injuries (2019)
$275,000Motorcycle Crash Involving Uber Driver (2019)
$225,000Motorcycle Crash Resulting in Victim’s Death (2019)