Two New Asbestos Trusts Established for Victims of Asbestos Exposure

Two new asbestos trusts have been established for claims against defendants Owens-Illinois (“O-I”) and Rapid-American (“R-A”) and are now accepting claims for asbestos-related injuries such as mesothelioma, various forms of cancer, pleural disease, and asbestosis. The newly established Trusts have combined approximately $622 million dollars set aside to compensate victims.

The O-I Trust will provide recompense for injuries caused by exposure to “Kaylo” asbestos products prior to December 31, 1958. This Trust is already accepting claims and will continue to do so on an ongoing basis. The R-A Trust will provide recompense for injuries caused by exposure to asbestos products manufactured, sold, or distributed by The Philip Carey Manufacturing Company prior to June 1, 1967. Like O-I, the R-A Trust is currently accepting claim filings; however, it will only accept those filings made before the deadline of October 15, 2023.

Owens-Illinois’ asbestos products primarily consist of insulations, pipe-coverings, and pipe insulations. However, these are not the only products known to include asbestos made or sold by the company. Rapid-American’s asbestos products primarily include boiler coverings, asbestos cement, and pipe block and insulation. These products effected workers by the hundreds of thousands in factories across the nation.

These products could be found in a variety of jobsites including mills, plants, construction sites, and factories. At this time, the R-A Trust has not established which jobsites it deems approved and therefore presumptively toxic. However, the O-I Trust has published its list of approved jobsites, which includes thirty-three sites in Alabama and hundreds of others across America. Among those in Alabama are Redstone Arsenal, Gulf States Paper, Republic Steel, and US Steel. This is not an exhaustive list and further jobsites may be added or subtracted.

Shelby Roden is currently investigating further potential products and sites to process these claims more efficiently for our clients. At Shelby Roden, our attorneys have the knowledge and experience to guide your claim through the claims resolution process against these defendants. If you or a loved one suffered an illness or death you believe may have been related to exposure to asbestos-containing products, please contact Shelby Roden, LLC today at 205-933-8383 for a free consultation.