Dram Shop Liability

We pursue cases against drunk drivers and those establishments that illegally served the drunk driver. Laws allows drunk driver victims to recover damages from the drunk driver and those establishments that illegally served or provided alcohol to the drunk driver.

These laws are called the Dram Shop laws. They are enacted to ensure that drinking establishments serve alcohol in a responsible, legal manner or face the possibility of being held responsible for the damages caused by the drunk individual.

Our firm has experience handling these types of cases. We have pursued cases against establishments that have served underage individuals, overserved individuals and otherwise illegally served alcohol to an individual that ultimately injured our clients as a result of their intoxication, whether it be in a motorcycle crash, car crash or another type of accident.

These cases are not always apparent on their surface. Many times it requires a lawyer experienced in these types of matters to thoroughly investigate and review the facts and circumstances. It is important that victims reach out to an experienced attorney after being involved in an accident with a drunk driver to allow the attorney to act swiftly to gather elusive evidence.