Motorcycle Accidents

Since 2019, we have handled almost 300 motorcycle injury cases in Alabama and the Florida Panhandle. We have recovered $8+ million for our fellow riders. You may know us as Law Tigers Motorcycle Injury Lawyers.

There is not much like riding a motorcycle – whether you ride for a thrill, to release stress or otherwise. However, motorcycle riders face many risks on the road. When an accident occurs, you want a lawyer who is a fellow rider.

Many motorcycle accidents are caused by factors that produce trucking accidents and motor vehicle accidents, while others are exclusive to riders. The majority of motorcycle accidents are caused by a driver’s failure to see a motorcyclist. Other causes include bad weather, excessive speed, reckless driving, and adverse road conditions. Our firm understands that motorcycle riders involved in accidents are more likely to sustain serious injuries. Motorcycles lack the protection that cars and trucks offer; they have no steel cage or air bags to protect the rider. As a result, serious personal injury can result from motorcycle accidents such as back and neck injuries, severe cuts and lacerations, road rash, loss of limbs, traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injuries and death.

We are committed to developing a relationship with our clients that have been in a motorcycle accident and providing client service to them that exceeds expectations. Our attorneys recognize the sensitive nature of the devastating injuries caused by motorcycle accidents and the long road of recovery a victim will face. We also understand that insurance companies and other parties to the litigation are looking out for their own interests. We seek to protect your interests and needs and ensure you are properly compensated for your injuries.

Our attorneys are not only skilled trial lawyers diligently representing their clients in and out of the courtroom, but they are also motorcycle riders and enthusiasts, putting our firm in the best position to understand the unique needs of motorcycle riders. We know what you want because we are you, riding the same roads and facing the same dangers.

In furtherance of our commitment to protecting victims of motorcycle accidents, our firm joined forces with the American Association of Motorcycle Injury Lawyers (d/b/a Law Tigers), a professional association of motorcycle accident lawyers who are committed to protecting fellow motorcycle riders. The injury lawyers at Shelby Roden have the experience, dedication and unwavering commitment to aggressively protecting the rights of motorcyclists, allowing them to take pleasure in the freedom and safety of the open road.

Insurance companies are protecting their own interest, and they have teams of lawyers attempting to give you the least amount of compensation for your injuries. Let us take control of your motorcycle accident case to ensure you are fairly compensated. If you have been injured in a motorcycle crash or someone you love was involved in a fatal motorcycle accident, contact our firm. As motorcyclists ourselves, we understand what you want and we know you deserve justice.