Product Liability

We have a history of protecting consumers against the harm posed by dangerous and defective products with experience handling a number of types of such claims, whether these products have caused injuries in the home or the workplace.

Consumers use a number of products every day in every aspect of their lives, and they expect them to function properly and safely. However, dangerous and defective products do exist in the marketplace and can result in serious accidents and severe, life-altering injuries. Individuals that are killed or injured by an unsafe or defective product may have a cause of action against the manufacturer, supplier, distributor or retailer of the product. Individuals harmed by dangerous or defective products and their loved ones can be entitled to financial recovery to compensate them for medical bills, lost income, permanent impairment, physical pain, emotional suffering, and more.

Types of Cases We Handle

  • Design Defects
  • Improper Manufacturing
  • Failures to Warn or Inadequate Warnings
  • Marketing Defects
  • Breach of Warranty and Misrepresentations

Our firm was heavily involved in prosecuting millions of dollars in claims against Ford Motor Company in the 1990s to hold it responsible for injuries and deaths caused by the Bronco II. The Bronco II was known for rollover crashes due to the instability caused by its higher center of gravity. Ultimately, the Ford Motor Company paid billions of dollars in damages caused by the vehicle defects.

In addition, we have been involved in prosecuting claims for individuals harmed and killed by defective and dangerous pharmaceuticals. For example, our firm landed the first jury verdict in the nation against an Ephedra manufacturer, which was in excess of $4 million. Ephedra, a once-popular weight-loss supplement, was accused of causing heart attacks and strokes. Our firm handled a number of claims on behalf of the drug’s victims.

Representative Cases and Matters Handled by the Firm

  • Vehicle Rollovers Caused by Ford Motor Company Bronco II Defects
  • Ephedra Weight-Loss Product Manufacturers’ Failure to Warn of Cardiovascular Complications
  • Injuries Caused by Toyota Corporations’ Seat Belt Defect

If you feel that you have a claim related to a dangerous or defective product, please feel free to contact us today.