Toxic Torts

We help individuals and estates that have been negatively affected by toxic chemicals or materials with a focus on handling asbestos exposure cases and claims. Since our inception, we have recovered $1+ billion dollars for the victims of asbestos and other toxic substances.

Our attorneys have handled a number of cases involving widespread toxic exposure to life and property. These injuries may occur in the workplace, in the home, or as a result of environmental contamination to air, soil, or groundwater harming the public.

Examples of Toxic Chemicals and Materials

  • Mercury, Lead and Other Heavy Metals
  • Polychlorinated Biphenyl (“PCB”)
  • Trichloroethylene (“TCE”)
  • Asbestos
  • Sulfur Dioxide

Injuries that can be caused by such exposure include asbestosis, mercury poisoning, heart disease, and other serious diseases. An individual suffering from a disease due to such exposure may be awarded damages, including but not limited to, past and future medical expenses and lost wages.

As a firm, we have years of experience handling cases related to toxic chemical and material exposure. Most notably, we have: reached Asbestos verdicts and settlements in excess of $1 billion; reached a settlement in excess of $700 million for PCB Contamination in Anniston, AL; handled a mass chemical exposure case for residents of Lake Charles, LA as a result of exposure to sulfur dioxide; and handled a mass injury matter in Calcasieu Parish, LA as a result of e-coli contamination of drinking water.

Representative Cases and Matters Handled by the Firm

  • 2010 Gulf Oil Spill – Deepwater Horizon
  • Pollution of Village Creek Watershed in Birmingham, AL
  • Polychlorinated Biphenyl (“PCB”) Contamination in Anniston, AL
  • Sulfur Dioxide Exposure Matter in Lake Charles, LA
  • E-Coli Contamination of Drinking Water in Calcasieu Parish, LA

In addition to toxic exposure matters, our toxic tort practice handles environmental disasters. These disasters are typically caused by organizations that have negatively impacted our environment by cutting corners or ignoring risks posed by faulty practices. Our attorneys have represented hundreds of individuals and businesses in these types of disasters to help recover damages to health, property, and business profits.

For example, Shelby Roden was actively involved in the BP Oil Spill litigation and claims settlement process from the beginning. Our firm put together a team of attorneys and accounting experts who were equipped to handle our client’s claims quickly and thoroughly. As an appointed member of the BP Plaintiff’s Economic Damages Committee, our firm was in a unique position to advocate for those harmed by the BP Oil Spill. Our team filed approximately $200 Million in claims.